Shipping Information

$25 shipping

Delivery times are about 1 week from order to arrival. Packs should arrive within 3-5 days from when it is marked as shipped.  

Tracking will be uploaded to your account after the pack ships, usually within 2 days. We want to focus on getting your gear out there for so give us 5 days from physically shipping to inquire about your order. If you notice a problem contact us immediately. 

Postal service on crack and broke all my shit.. we don’t have any control over them and aren’t responsible for shit after shipping but please, if there’s an issue start taking pictures immediately!!! Don’t rip it all open and ruin your proof something was missing. We will work with you as long as you’re not a karen about it mmkay? We want everyone happy!

Our rep is very sensitive when the Tren is flowing so please don’t make him cry.