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We've been open for about 8 months now and I'd like to say thank you to all of you for being so supportive!

In the spirit of Christmas and ol saint nick id like to keep a good sale going for the rest of December.

I realize you guys all have to spend money on presents for the family and the cost of everything seems to have gone up lately, so spending money on yourselves as a Christmas treat shouldn't break the bank.

Ive marked down just about everything again to help you afford those sweet gains without taking money away from the baby mama or whoever else is digging in your wallet this holiday season...

Lets all remember to be kind these next few weeks, the holidays are stressful for most so lets just remember to relax, and let the dumbass in the left lane over when he needs to merge regardless of how stupid his POS lowered truck is.

why you lower a truck. wtf.

Anyways, enjoy your weekend and stay safe!