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(Friday feb 10th)

Just as it says guys!

We are opening up tonight (Friday feb 10th) so keep an eye out! Anavar is still out, but we added Primo 200!

Zelle orders will hopefully be confirmed by Monday as most of you are aware.

Take a look at the cashapp/btc instructions, It's very easy to send us payment in BTC using cashapp!  The lower left corner of the home page has a link to view Newsletters, Cashapp instructions are also available there as well.

If you have emailed us today please excuse the delay!  I'll be in touch with all of you shortly-ish!

Probably shouldn't have your phone out at work fool.

Love you all,


Cashapp Instructions!

You can send us Bitcoin with cashapp, it takes about 8 seconds more than sending USD. Its the fastest way to get your gear too.

Log into your cashapp, click the button on the bottom left of the screen, its shaped like a house. On that page click the box that says "bitcoin", purchase about $5-$10 more bitcoin than you need for your order with us.

Come back to and place your order with Coinbase as your payment method. Go all the way through the checkout process until you get to a page that shows you several different coins and addresses, copy the address for Bitcoin and then switch back over to your cashapp. When you open cashapp it displays your balance, under that balance it says USD, click that and switc h it to BTC. you may have to wait a bit for your purchased bitcoin to become available to send, so if its not ready just try again later.

When you are able to send bitcoin you're going to do it just like sending USD. click the little arrow to send it and paste the bitcoin address you copied from into the recipient box like you would someones name or cashtag, its that easy.

There are tons of youtube videos on how to do it as well, cashapp may ask you to verify your identity, thats totally fine. Cashapp does that to verify your account wasn't hacked and someone is trying to steal your shit.  Your bitcoin will magically disappear when you send it to us so its ok to verify your ID on cashapp.

Email me with questions at, I got time for you!

Happy Lifting!